October 24, 2015

Editorial: Changes are coming

Finally, is time!!! I'm leaving my family, my home, and friends... in my way to New York everything stop to look so clear, my dream life looks so imposible that i'm want to scream.
Yesterday, I say goodbye for last time to my family and my home searching for my dream life....
Maybe, it'd happened to you, you dreamed so hard that everything around you had lost its meaning and has only let you one option, run away...
That happen to me! I had my dream job, I supposed to... but no my dream life, I was happy, but not every day... I can't stand proud in front of people I love and say I choose my life and I was happy. So I took a change, one change. I moving to New York... maybe is not going to be the luxurious live you use to be in most of bloggers live... but I'm taking my change, my luck and my strong to take my life, I'm taking my change and trying to be happy, every day, and I'm not meaning be happy all time but feel happy should be important.

In this time, when women are empowering herself, when we are stronger, free and, of course, capable of take our life without care for how many people think we are making a bad decisions, when it is our self decision, our path and we are understanding we have the power of ourselves, is important be happy, discover everyday a superhero in the mirror. Not a Marvel, either a DC sticker in your mirror, I mean US, the girls who are trying to make a life in pop-web culture, understand no big aventures are what make people happy, is the possibility of keep dreaming, insist in what we want and what our heart wants is posible.
I'm moving to New York, because every live I admire are from New York. is my way to empowering myself, and maybe to inspire you... what's your dream? what's the next step to take?

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