April 3, 2013

New Stuff

Makeup! my favorite things, there is no mascara because I don't use it. I replaced it with a cream that gives illusion of thick, long eyelashes, a little more natural than mascara.
Maquillaje, mis productos favoritos por el momento, no uso pestañina a diario, en su lugar la reemplazo con una cremita natural que da la sensación de pestañina y es un poco más natural.  

I wasted too much time searching for this color, I found some nude colors but didn't like me, until I found this.
Me tardé mucho en encontrar este color de labial, quería uno color natural pero no me agradaba ninguno hasta que encontré este.

This was an amazing gift from a friend, I'am a kind of geek with star wars stuff :P

I love this one, It don't irrigated in my back

Lovely gift for the journalist day

 I desperately needed, I am a mess without a planner

Bought in sales with others t-shirts, I forgot take pictures but sure you are going to see in the blog

I searched It for a long time, I'm completely in love with this one

 I can't live without a pair of earphone and music sound in my head for me is necesary